Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Post 3- How is it treated?

Having another episode of Rheumatic Fever will worsen your Rheumatic Heart disease. The best way to STOP another episode of  Rheumatic Fever is to have regular PENICILLIN INJECTIONS

This means coming for the injection, and NOT missing appointments. If the injection isn't taken regularly, there are lots of complications which can occur. I have mentioned some of these in a previous post but these include heart failure, valve problems, stroke and infection of the heart itself. 


Tell your dentist you have had rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease
as this increases the risk of developing bacterial endocarditis after a dental procedure. If a dentist is aware of this they will give a course of preventive antibiotics. 

You can lead a normal life

But it is important not to add further stress to the heart by smoking or by being overweight. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Also don't forget to come for regular check-ups and to not miss taking medication that's been given to you by your doctor. 



  1. How can Rheumatic heart disease be prevented?

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thank-you for your question.

    My answer will focus on the medical aspect only. Rheumatic heart disease is caused by repeated attacks of Rheumatic fever, so by preventing Rheumatic fever in the first place or by preventing repeated attacks of it, we are fairly able to prevent Rheumatic Heart Disease.

    And the treatment is very simple- it's usually an Injection of Penicillin (which may be given as a tablet too) and this has been shown to be very effective. The Penicillin kills the bacteria which causes the Rheumatic Fever.

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  4. Heart attack comes sudden so we need to be aware about it whether it is heart attack or other pain. Thanks for sharing this.
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